Monday, December 1, 2008

Retro Style, Flower Power Wedding!

Taking a wedding party back... a retro wedding theme! It's the 60's, 70's or the 80's. Full of incredibly bright colors and really funky wedding decor. And of course full of flower power! There's a great way to really bring some funky charm to your wedding celebration!

Two gorgeous looking cakes full of amazing color and delicious looking flower decor!
Awesome party supplies! Anything from flower power plates to really retro style spoons. All these are found at this unique boutique Loft Party.
A retro decorated ballroom with a sizzling martini with retro flavor!

And of course I highly recommend my Flower Power wedding invitation pictured below. Visit Blossom Accents for more detail.


  1. Nice job pairing all these details together! :)

  2. I'm going to pass this post onto my sister...she has been looking at wedding cakes and isn't sure what style to choose. I think the cakes pictured above would be right up her alley!

    Thanks for the great post.


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