Monday, January 5, 2009

Most Popular Wedding Flower Choices... continuation

Casablanca Lillies They have large, flat blooms which take up quite a bit of surface area and can really fill out a bouquet. Some people delight in the Casablanca lily's strong fragrance but others are allergic to it. One of my favorites is the white color with red interior Casablanca Lilly... soon coming to my invitation portfolio.

Gardenias are available all year. These richly scented flowers are a favorite among many brides. Available in many colors and are also wonderful when floated in shallow bowls as center pieces.Orchids are available year round depending upon their variety though their prices are subject to great fluctuation. Orchids are sensitive to cold and may bruise or drop blooms with rough handling during shipping. However, if the orchids reach the florist in great shape they can be tough as nails! Orchids are resistant to moisture loss and heat so they make great bouquet and body flowers.
Listed are some of the most frequently chosen flowers for weddings, but of course we have about a few hundred more to choose from. Hope you got inspired!

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