Friday, January 9, 2009

Summer 2009 Wedding Trends

Colored Gemstone and Diamond Wedding Rings If you still haven't found the perfect wedding ring, skip the classic white set of diamonds for something embellished with a splash of color. According to, the summer bride will be an atypical ring, sporting a color-infused rock such as sapphire, ruby, topaz, garnet or emerald. Match this theme with jewel tones for the bridesmaid troupe and you'll be well on your way to capturing one of the season's top wedding trends.
Pictured: First: Sapphire ring from Lussori. Second: Emerald ring from Jewlery Store. Third: Topaz ring from here.


  1. ooo that last one is amazing!!! I have pink rubies :)

  2. The topaz ring is stunning. Serious wow factor.

  3. I love the last one! It's really gorgeous and I love the color!


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