Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Intimacy...Privacy is the ultimate luxury.

I found a great article on VeraWang.com and I just have to share it. Not only is Vera Wang a magnificent designer but she also has some great writing skills. Look through her site for more insightful wedding information.

"Genuine intimacy, like sexual, emotional or intellectual compatibility, is one of those rare quirks of fate that can occur imperceptibly at the beginning of a relationship. It can also slip away just as easily later on. After the initial passion of new love, the decision to wed hopefully stems from a rational confluence of reason and emotion. Uncertainty can spring from any number of emotions, from the enormity of a lifelong commitment and the staggering logistics of planning a wedding to the natural capacity for self-doubt. A delicate effort is required to nurture closeness throughout the engagement."

• The destination is unimportant. Taking a walk means carving out a bit of time for one another. • Walking is a simple way of reconnecting and confiding. • Early in a relationship, a quiet walk can be a prelude to romance.
• Walking still remains one of the most natural ways to create intimacy. • During the frenzy of the engagement, walking might provide the only opportunity to steal some time alone.

• There is an undeniable link between eating and intimacy. • It could be a hamburger in a diner, Chinese take-out at his place or scrambled eggs at home. • An interruption in the day's routine allows time to share food and conversation provides a perfect escape. • Whether it's a quiet lunch for two, drinks before joining others for dinner or cooking for each other, eating as a couple has always been a part of courtship.
• Bathing presents an ideal occasion to experience a deeper kind of intimacy. • Something about water sustains calmness and trust. • In the privacy of the moment, words are not always necessary to express feelings. • The tranquility of bathing encourages openness, relaxation and the inclination to connect.

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  1. vera provided great pointers for keeping the romance alive!


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