Friday, October 2, 2009

Snowflake Wedding Favors... Delicious!!!

"Capture these delicate symbols of winter's beauty in dough, and share them with your wedding guests. Gingerbread cookies, piped with royal icing and highlighted with sugar and nonpareils, are perfect snacks for the post-reception ride home or the day after the wedding."  Snowflake Favor 

It seems like here in Ohio, spring never really ended, summer really never came and fall is here extra early with winter season knocking on the door!!! I know this sounds really terrible but looking outside my window right now, I see rain with heavy gray clouds and I have not seen sunshine for four days!!! The heat is on, my hot tea is near my reach and yes, I took out the winter sweater collection! It's only OCT 1st! Anyways, I thought these snowflake cookies I found on Martha's Wedding are perfect for someone having a wedding or another lovely celebration during the winter season! 

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