Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More budget mindful wedding invitations!

It seems like more and more brides are looking to save some money! Although many of my invitation suites start at $4.50 per each suite, I can surely work with my clients to decrease the costs!! All they have to do is give me a ring (1-888-233-6690) or drop me an e-mail (agnes@blossomaccents.com) and the options are practically endless! Many times the total price is reduced by more than 50%!!! So don't be shy-give it a try! :) 

Below is the Hydrangea Pair Wedding Invitation. It includes three layers of paper, glitter accents in center of blossoms, hydrangea sketch on envelope and guest addressing.

And in the second example is the simpler version of the design. It includes only two layers of paper instead of three. The blossoms do not have glitter accents and the envelopes are without guest addressing and the hydrangea sketch. 

There are so many Pro's of working with a custom stationery designer! You will have something unique! You can have something affordable! You can exchange pretty much endless questions and ideas with your designer and in turn the design will become something truly original!

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