Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool Find! Nature's Edge Farm Soaps!

A few months ago I bought a couple of these soaps from Nature's Edge Farm on Etsy and have been hooked since! For a few reasons, one being they are natural soaps. Have you ever noticed the Caress or Dove "soaps" in the store isles do not have the word "soap" anywhere on the packing? Instead it say's beauty bars, moisturizing bars or body bars. This is because they do not contain many of the essential ingredients soaps used to contain instead they contain cheap synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemicals which are not only bad for your skin but also not so great for our planet!

So, there is nothing more I appreciate than good old classic healthy products! Like these awesome soaps from Nature's Edge Farm. They use natural ingredients, they do not contain parabens nor phthalates, dyes or sulfates. They are made with skin nourishing oils and butters and are all cold-processed (not from pre-made base)-the best method of producing high quality soaps. Also contain shea butter and milk. How great is that!? And they ALL smell great and last much longer than regular beauty bars. Some of my favorites are apple harvest, white tea and ginger, and rose petal soap. But really, I love them all. These will make nice Holiday gifts! Once you've tried one of these lathery treasures, you will never be satisfied with store bought beauty bars!

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  1. Thanks Agnes! Thank you for spreading the word about my soaps and about natural soaps/cosmetics in general. It is true, many of the "beauty bars" that are mass produced are basically detergent bars that rely on harsh surfactants to produce lather. Once you've tried a good, cold processed soap there's no going back :o) And the benefits from them are much more numerous. Thanks again!

    Nature's Edge Herb Farm


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