Monday, April 18, 2011

Poppy Wedding Invitations-Taking good product photographs

Just this last Christmas my husband bought me a lighting set! I was more excited than a little kid when I opened the big box! I think this officially makes me a "geeky wife"!? Anyways, I love the result. When running a business solely via internet, the picture quality is extremely important! They have to bright, as realistic as possible and creative. Slowly I am updating all the invitation suites from my portfolio. First I started with the colorful and cheerful Poppy Wedding Invitation.

This is the NEW picture using a lighting set and a SLR camera:

And this picture was taken with an SLR under natural light.

Big difference! In the first picture the colors are bright, realistic, vivid and eye catching. In the second picture the colors have a grey tone. The second picture does not pop and grab the viewer at all.

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