Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blossom Travel: Puerto Rico and Vieques Island

When it was really cold and gloomy back in early March, we decided to escape the cold and head to sunny and colorful Puerto Rico!!

First we landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico and took a small charter flight to the small island Vieques (20 minute flight from San Juan). It was AMAZING! The color of the water was a perfect clear turquoise and the sand was purely white! Relaxed and really hospitable atmosphere! We stayed there for four nights, but I regret not staying longer.

Then we headed back to San Juan and stayed there for three nights. Mostly we toured the Old San Juan, a 465 year old neighborhood full of culture. This area is steeped in history with an old-world and romantic European charm. Full of eye catching 16-17th century restored colorful buildings!

Puerto Rico is definitely a nice get away. Short direct flight from Cleveland, Ohio. Mostly all the residents spoke excellent English and the currency was the dollar. The cuisine was delicious, anything from seafood to traditional Puerto Rican tapas.

Almost every doorway in Old San Juan looked just like this! Picture perfect. 

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