Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet a Blossom Accents Bride! Angie and Richie Part Three

In Part Three of Angie and Richie's Wedding Celebration they will share with us their story of how they met and I have the pleasure of showing some of their beautiful wedding photographs.

"We met in 2008 while I was working as a spa concierge and Richie used to go there often to work out at the gym right next to the spa. Richie is a member of the Ocean Club, the place we met and where we are also getting married. He was very close to one of the massage therapists, so one day Richie said that she should bring her fiancĂ© and we all should go out. So we did, and that night we clicked immediately. We have so much fun together and we are best friends. He proposed on a 4th of July. We went for a getaway weekend to Hollywood Beach, FL.  We walked to the beach to watch the fireworks and he proposed!"

 Photography JacoPhoto

Again, Angie and Richie, Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful day with Blossom Accents! Wishing the both of you the best in life!! 

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