Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creating My Wedding Invitations.

The invitation is the first impression your guests are given of your wedding's style and atmosphere. Most Bride's-to-be want their invitations to be perfect. Well I always say, "If you want something to be done perfectly, you must do it yourself." This is true in most cases. When you make your own wedding invitations perfection is definitely achievable.

Making my invitations was nothing but fun. I created a simply elegant rose blossom invitation. At the local craft store I found a floral embossing stamp, magenta/pink color paper products, embossing powder along with some pastels and I went to work. I colored the blossom a pink color using the pastels and brushes which gave it a very subtle style.

There are many wedding invitation designers out there who truly concentrate to handmade detail which I greatly admire.

The joy and satisfaction of creating wedding invitations for my self and friends inspired me to start my own wedding invitation business called Blossom Accents.

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