Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pink Rose Wedding Inspiration.

One of my absolutely favorite blossoms is a rose. They are symbols of love, friendship, sincerity, joy, appreciation and much more. Many of my wedding invitation designs are of roses in many different colors and styles. Although the object of concentration for today is the "Pink Rose".

Christian Louboutin pink footwear is even more fabulous when finished with an pink rose.

Extremely romantic pink rose garland decoration for a devoted pi
nk bride.

A fun and unique handmade pink rose invitation by Blossom Accents.

This gorgeous table almost has a "angelic look"with many pink accents and detail.

Tin Rose embossed planters are a great idea for any garden wedding.Add a mini monogram and some sweet candy wrapped in pink organza bags to create a lovely favor for your

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