Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunflower Weddings

With autumn in full bloom sunflowers seem to the perfect choice for any bride tying the knot during this time of the year. No flower can lift spirits quite like sunflowers can. Bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable, the sunflower is a warm and caring blossom. With brilliant yellow petals that surround the flower's center, sunflowers have an unmistakable sun-like appearance that has made them a passionate flower choice for many brides.

Enjoy this post con
taining many sunflower inspired decorations and hopefully you too will be inspired.

Here comes the Sun. Create a focal point such as this bold sunflower arrangement on a tree branch. Done by Preston Bailey.
A fun and cheery sunflower tower full of delicious butter cream cupcakes.

Sunny and cheerful handmade sunflower wedding invitation by Blossom Accents.
Add beautiful bold yellow satin bows to all the chairs to create a very cheerful atmosphere.

Extraordinary bouquets for the bride as well as for the bridesmaids. The brides bouquet has lovely roses to accentuate her beauty.

Give your bridesmaids some additional dazzle with a pair of lovely sunflower earrings from designer Lillyella.

Sunflower Chardonnay is a tasteful choice for toasts at an outdoor wedding! Pindar Vineyards.

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