Thursday, November 12, 2009

H1N1 Victims: Healthy to Death's Door in One Week - ABC News

H1N1 Victims: Healthy to Death's Door in One Week - ABC News

I know this blog post has nothing to do with flowers or weddings, but I think it's of tremendous importance. Yesterday Nightline featured a story from University Hospitals Case Medical Center describing the toll this virus can take on literally anyone. FYI this hospital is my place of employment! Dr. Blitz is truly a hero and extremely brave for taking on these difficult cases!

I have always been somewhat suspicious of getting vaccines, especially ones which are new on the market. But after seeing this story on Nightline, I am rethinking my decision not to get the H1N1 Vaccine. Many people are sick, have been sick or will be sick with the H1N1 virus. Some will only feel the typical flu symptoms yet some will be affected far more and will need to be hospitilized! Although you may feel fine, your loved one may have a far worse outcome. One way to stop this effect is to get the vaccination.

Watch the video. Educate your loved ones! Vaccinate!


Agnes, RN


  1. NO! do NOT get that vaccine!! It has all kinds of horrible horrible things in it like Mercury and other junk. The Mainstream media wants you to get it because they are part of the plan to get all Americans to follow the New World Order. I'm not joking. My friend is the one who does all the research so I'm not well-versed on describing this but I know with every inch of my being that it's NOT good to get that vaccine!! Stick to your original feelings!! Stay safe! (just wash your hands a lot so you don't get sick:)

  2. Thank you for your input Mylisa! I still did not get the vaccine and my gut feeling is still telling me "no". So I think for now I will like you said wash my hands, eat healthy, exercise and really give my body a strong immune boost the natural way!


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