Thursday, May 20, 2010

Continuation.... Recap from National Stationery Show in NY!

Anyone who's involved in the wedding industry or etiquette related business, will know who Emily Post is! The American etiquette expert of all times!!!

" leading authority on socially correct behavior, Emily Post provided solutions to social problems. With a name that became linked with proper manners in the minds of many, she was a successful author, newspaper columnist, and radio broadcaster" Reference
The amazing Emily Post died in 1960 at the age of eighty-six in her New York apartment. Since then, her daughter and then granddaughters have carried on her knowledge, tradition and legacy! Even to establish The Emily Post Institute

Her granddaughter, Anna Post also visited the National Stationery Show to chat with fellow weddingzillas & papieristas! She even brought along one of her books and gave some lucky attendees a book signing! And yes, I was one of them! She was very sweet to sign the book using my polish name, Agnieszka. Thanks Anna! I am sure this book will serve as a great resource during my unexpected "get-togethers"! 

But this is not all. I will have more NSS coverage tomorrow. Come visit again! 

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