Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet a Blossom Accents Bride! Justyna and Dave-Part One

Today I am thrilled to share a little romance and sweetness with all of you! Justyna has been a long time friend of mine. To be exact we have been friends for 18 years!! She fell in love with a true gentleman and her soulmate without a doubt! They are one of those couples where one glance at them is enough to determine they are made for each other! I wish them both a lifetime of happiness and love!

In Part One they share with us their memorable and loving story of engagement.  Tomorrow I will share with you the process of their invitation design and the final product. And, sometime in October, I will share the wedding details and pictures of I am sure, will be an amazing day!

Proposal story

It was the day of our 5 year anniversary, 11-12-10 and Dave planned a walk in the park  where we always hike and ride our bikes.  We stopped at the overlook at the top of the valley, it was beautiful, the sun was setting and the fall colors below were just gorgeous in the sunlight.  I had a feeling some thing was up, Dave was not acting himself, so I was waiting for possibly 'it', I had a feeling this was it, it had to be, this is the perfect set up!  At one point he was kneeling down, (my heart racing) to tie his shoe!  I gave up for a second when I heard him say on one knee of course "Justyna, I have a question for you, will you be my wife?"  I was shocked and so happy that I ran down the stairs for a second, came back and we embraced each other for a good while.  The night ended with a romantic anniversary and engagement dinner, we toasted to our love and happiness, it was the perfect night.

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